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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BBP?

BBP is Brucella Bioinformatics Portal. It is a gateway for Brucella researchers to find Brucella genome and literature information. It also provides genome analysis and literature search and curation tools.

2. Who are potential BBP users?

Brucella and bioinformatics researchers.

3. Do I need to register and log in to use BBP?

You don't need to log in to browse BBP pages, query BBP database, or use analysis tools available in BBP. You need to log in to request for Email Alert service. Everyone is encouraged to register for BBP. Registration and login is free. It is noted that the Brucella Limix system uses different login system (see below).

4. How many registered users do BBP have?

Currently BBP has more than 50 registered users from all over the world.

5. What is InterBru?

InterBru is a database system that stores basic Brucella gene information and and points to different Brucella online sources (e.g., NCBI and EBI databases) for comprehensive Brucella gene annotation. InterBru also displays gene information from literature curation through our unique Limix system.

6. What is BGBrowser?

BGBrowser is the Brucella Genome Browser, based on the open-source GBrowse program. BGBrowser offers graphic display and gene analysis tools for Brucella genes. The final gene detail page has been made the same as the one available in InterBru.

7. What is LiteSearch?

LiteSearch is the Brucella Literature Search system. It includes several components.

8. What is Brucella Limix?

Brucella Limix is the Brucella literature mining and curation system. It combines computational text mining and manual curation together, allowing users to efficiently query literature, extract and edit relevant sentences, and then submit curated data into a backend relational database all in one page.

9. Can I become a Brucella Limix data curator?

Yes. Please contact us. We will set up an account for you. After You log in with the newly assigned user name and password, you can do the Brucella literature mining and manual curation, and then submit your curated data. If you just want to query the curated information but do not plan to submit new data, you can use our "demo" user name and password.

10. How did you curate all the Brucella genetic interaction data?

All the Brucella genetic interaction data were obtained using the Brucella Limix.

11. What is IDOBRU?

IDOBRU represents the Brucellosis Ontology, an extension ontology of the Infection Disease Ontology (IDO).