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Victors: Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Who are the intended users of Victors? 

The intended audiences of Victors are biologists, bioinformaticians and other researchers interested in virulence factors of pathogens.

2.       How is the data within Victors generated? 

The data within Victors is manually curated. All virulence factor data comes from peer reviewed literature available in PubMed. Besides the manually curated information, computational scripts are also developed to extract relevant information regarding a virulence factor from existing databases (e.g., NCBI RefSeq), and the retrieved data are stored in the Victors database for public query and analysis.

3.       How can I contribute to Victors? (Either additional virulence factors and/or additional pathogens?)

You can either email us or you may register for an account and then submit information yourself, which will then be published as part of Victors as soon as it has been reviewed.

4.       How does the submission system work?

The submitted data will be immediately stored in the database. The curator can select to publish entered data or save it as a draft for later web publication. All curated data are subject to critical reviews from our internal knowledgeable reviewers or other domain experts. All curated data in the database is backed daily.

5.       Is Victors data available for download?

Yes. Query results are downloadable in the form of an Excel file. It is also available to download all the data of virulence factors in the FASTA format.