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  1. Victors data curation and review process
  2. Similar programs online


1. Victors Data curation and review process

The Victors Literature Mining and Curation System (Limix) is similar to that used in the VIOLIN Limix vaccine database, which is introduced on the VIOLIN Limix tutorial page.


2. Similar programs online

Below is a list of virulence factors database available online:

  • VFDB: Virulence Factors of Pathogeneic Bacteria.
  • PHI-base: Pathogen-Host Interactions database.
  • MvirDB: a database of protein toxins, virulence factors and antibiotic resistance genes

Note that our Victors database is different from the above programs in many different ways. Our strength is the manual curation of virulence factor virulence for each individual virulence factor collected in Victors. Each Victors virulence factor has at least one peer-reviewed citation to support its qualification as a virulence factor. In addition, we also provide different bioinformatics data support. Many other differences also exist, such as the pathogen emphases vs the provenance of the data resources. For example, while the VFDB and PHI-base generate their own data from literature annotation, the virulence factors data from MvirDB come from other existing databases.


Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions and questions you would have. Thank you!